Etiket arşivi: friend


I’m alone, he said
Here I’m alone again
A new day is born without you
I have your eyebrow and eyes
in my mind
For life together
Your first word
What you lived in a time
That love that we cannot fit
in the chest
It’s dissapearing…
Crying now rocks
Friends say where she is.

By saying
that our roads were crossed
That face you hold
missed, looking warm.
How much he liked you.

Now in the dark of night
Does not recognize tears
that imagine that you regret.
When it comes to farewell
White lies are useless
Do not distress yourself.

Go on, just like you deserve
You feel a new love too soon.
Is not this vicious cycle anyway
what a pity
The only reality you’ve ever known
in your life.

If only you were a little sincere.

Sılent Frıend, Boncuk

What a sweet! Promises an unsparing world.
What a close friend, I always have a chance with it.
But the terms…
Life while introducing her little pups
My mother, my father, even all that I lost
Brings me back. (I always miss)
Love is my soul as it used to be.
And I have jealousy,
With such a lovely quiet friend
Those who can share life.
Do not get it wrong,
I congratulate them primarily.
I wish for a strong friendship.
P.S- Of course I did not take the photo.