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What a great possibility to love me
I can not be sure
Is it worth to wait
Were you always here
my heart, on my chest
I’m ashamed to say my love
If you do not like me
What night and days…
I still can not forget.
I’m happy because of this feeling
you are not here but
I tremble when I think of you
The possibility of such a presence
strengthens me
That keeps me alive.

After You

I felt you
With a heartache.
I hugged in love words
In favor of your love.
I felt that sea smell on you
A turn now to your eyes
A spiral memory
a kiss, a smile, a revel…
You’ve always been my dream
you fill my heart
you appreciate it
How did you become I then
I sensed a whole
A full existence
That’s why I’m filled with joy
this novel of the day
At the height of love
I feel the pain at the same time.


I got the steep slope.
I arrived at the cliff, looked around.
I gulped down.
Under yellowish luminosity
the sea was like ice. I’m cold.
Here was the blue row
where we sat together
when we were having tea…
I’m here today to feel
those beautiful moments
I’ve experienced before…
Embrace the lap with nature
because I am closer to you.
You did not talk. I was thinking.
Unfold each other
we were dreaming,
most likely the same dream.
So we were both arrested
in our eyes not satisfied with the look.
Our warmth warmed with confidence
our hearts.
Then, when we are defeated,
I do not understand.
You left me many times…
I cried a lot when you went last.
I wish we were together now.
I need to hug you
Although it seems impossible,
I know it isn’t.
I can come to you every moment
Believe you are my future.

Metaphysıcs of Love

‘Don’t get angry’ she says,
‘that’s life’…
Impresses you today,
me tomorrow.
Your heart
that you cannot quiet
cries with the songs
later red purple flowers
are gushing
through a song.
I get excited,
the universe is burning
its spark ignites me also
that moment.
Her attitude at the mirror:
her white face,
hennaed fingers
rolling tobacco,
the love light hits
her illuminated temple
of the sun.
Falling in love
is memorable but…
Catching love is
so difficult
under a dome
grumbled instability.
The assumption developed
that will live
touches the metaphysics
of love.
That is why its life
is not long
Even if it has been desired
greatly for a life.
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