Etiket arşivi: moment


Just like yesterday…
The moment you crossed
and winked at me for the first time
That’s the first step. After that…
Every moment called forgetfulness
For the moment it flows
from my heart.

You must have forgotten
I do not know that it is forgotten
Take a few moments
It’s hiding in a corner…
Those moments that add color to our life
maybe it’s better to forget you.
Somehow I will never learn that
I will not already have such a solace.

I understand that you’re versatile
there are new memories always
on your agenda
But you know well,
what a love I have in Istanbul.


I got the steep slope.
I arrived at the cliff, looked around.
I gulped down.
Under yellowish luminosity
the sea was like ice. I’m cold.
Here was the blue row
where we sat together
when we were having tea…
I’m here today to feel
those beautiful moments
I’ve experienced before…
Embrace the lap with nature
because I am closer to you.
You did not talk. I was thinking.
Unfold each other
we were dreaming,
most likely the same dream.
So we were both arrested
in our eyes not satisfied with the look.
Our warmth warmed with confidence
our hearts.
Then, when we are defeated,
I do not understand.
You left me many times…
I cried a lot when you went last.
I wish we were together now.
I need to hug you
Although it seems impossible,
I know it isn’t.
I can come to you every moment
Believe you are my future.

Farewell With Love

Is it still love
What a passion it is, my love
Eternal love beyond passion, it, my love

Do you think it can not affect yourself
I shake, I tremble,
I am struggling moment by moment
I enjoy being submissive
I wish I could get rid of it from time to time
Most want to live like this
A bondage maybe…
And I accept
a deep breathing, a hiding…

Infinity means touching the cloud of love
But with love,
our eyes shining, we exist.

I ask, do you love me
You say, you love me if you are
How far are you
You’re close so much to me, actually.

The world gets meaning by thinking about you
I want to reach at this moment
Put on your words,
to settled in your sentences that I always pass by…
Love means touch, both you and me.

We both grew with its touch
childish, mature
we have come to purpose, developed ourselves
That’s a plus
gift to us
from our wishes, desires, works.
Life-giving love,
one day it could end our life
Of course, God knows the end of our stories
But love too is from God, isn’t it,
what do you say…